Xerotech and IMK Engineering enter into a strategic partnership to help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) electrify their fleets

Xerotech, a supplier of configurable battery systems, and IMK, an engineering firm that focuses on complete vehicle design, engineering and prototype builds, announced that they will enter into a strategic partnership to help OEMs electrify their fleets.

“The collaboration with Xerotech gives us the opportunity to offer our expertise and capabilities in prototype development and manufacturing to a wider range of OEM’s willing to electrify their fleets” said Frank Herrmann, Managing Director at IMK.

This new partnership leverages the respective strengths of Xerotech and IMK to create a compelling offering to OEMS who are facing mounting pressure to reduce emissions and adopt electric vehicles. Xerotech’s Hibernium® platform batteries complement IMK’s vehicle design, engineering and prototyping expertise, and enables the new wave of low-volume electrification.

The strategic agreement is the next step in the relationship between both companies, with joint projects for construction and mining OEMs already underway.

“Xerotech’ Hibernium® platform removes the electrification barrier of system component availability, but it is partners like IMK Engineering that are essential for design and development of new generation machinery. We are proud to work with Mr. Herrmann’s team and deliver the best-in-class solutions to the end customers.” said Thomas Tomaszewski, VP of Business Development at Xerotech.

About Xerotech

Xerotech, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Ireland, is a leading manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion battery systems for use in industrial and commercial applications.

Xerotech’s Hibernium™ platform is the market first battery system platform developed for low-volume high-diversity machinery. Utilizing its patented safety and thermal management technology Xerotherm® Xerotech enables electrification of “everything else” that uses internal combustion engine today.

About IMK

IMK engineering GmbH was founded in 1990 and located in Chemnitz / Germany, is engineering partner for the construction and mining machine industry and the industry in general. The unique characteristic of IMK is that the complete design engineering process including CAD, FEM-calculation, electric engineering and prototyping is offered. IMK is working with 50 engineers on different projects for well known OEM’s.

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