Thermal Systems

What is a Thermal system?

Xerotech offers one of the highest performing battery thermal management systems in the world today. We are the leaders in getting heat in and out of the battery but this becomes pointless if our customers cannot get it off the vehicle.

A key challenge for OEMs is unlocking these extreme levels of thermal performance. Insufficient or incorrect design of the external thermal system (heat pump, liquid system and heat exchangers) can lead to decreased battery performance.

Xerotech offer a pre-integrated solution that massively simplifies the integration effort required from the OEM.

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The external thermal system is often overlooked in electrification system design as it is presumed to be straightforward and simple. However, the realities of poor automotive-grade component availability, sprawling integration complexity, complex controls and deep integration requirements with the battery management system make it cost and difficult for the OEM. 

Many battery suppliers simply specify a flowrate requirement and provide the OEM with pressure drop data or in simpler terms “go figure it out yourself”. At Xerotech we hate seeing our customers reinvent the wheel and struggle to source suitable components like electric water pumps, compressors and heat exchangers when trying to integrate the HV battery. 

Xerotech supplies a common-platform pre-built assembly of water pumps, valves, heat exchangers and the heat pump. The OEM only needs to provide access to a radiator or a suitable footprint. Due to the high variation of vehicle types and form factors, it is difficult for us to offer a standard radiator but we can provide design support and sourcing.

Heat pump

Xerotech offer a range of different heat pump systems sized depending on overall battery pack size or extreme charge/discharge performance requirements.

  • 5-20 kW cooling capacities
  • Automotive EV grade components
  • Pre-integrated and tested design
  • Scaleable platform solution


Liquid system

Electric Water Pumps & Valves

Heat exchanger

Heat Exchangers & HVAC Components

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