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Thermal management reimagined

Xerotech’s patented thermal management system represents a complete step-change battery cooling technology. 

Our inflatable ultra-thin polymer duct has been nano-engineered for exceptionally high thermal conductivity while also being incredibly thin – an essential element for low thermal resistance. 

The polymer duct is completely supported by the foam matrix, making it impossible to burst or be punctured. Our solution offers 17 times higher heat transfer than conventional side-wall cooling technology.

Liquid cooling

Our advanced duct technology is assembled into a cooling manifold assembly which forms the core of all Xerotech battery modules. These manifolds can be directly interconnected, enabling exceptionally high coolant flowrates through the battery pack which eliminates thermal gradients.

How does it compare?

There are many engineering approaches to getting heat in and out of battery cells. The five main techniques are listed below: 

1. Cold Plate – cooling the bottom of the cells with liquid through a metal plate    

2. Side Wall (conventional) – cooling the side of cells with liquid through a metal duct

3. Xerotherm® – revolutionary approach to sidewall cooling using an inflatable plastic duct

4. Immersion – pumping a non-conductive liquid directly over the cells

5. Air Cooling – blowing air directly over the cells 

To see just how much better is our revolutionary Xerotherm® thermal management system, get in touch with us now.

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