Battery performance can suffer in extreme temperatures, hence it’s critical to have a thermal management system that keeps the battery pack operating within a 15-30°C range regardless of external conditions.

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Thermal management system

Thermal management systems for top-line battery systems do more than protect the platform. They facilitate fast and extreme fast-charging capabilities and enhance battery cell performance and lifespan in even the most challenging environments and temperatures.

The right thermal management system will also remove pressure from having to choose lower density chemistries that are inherently safer. This means the decision is based on the power and energy requirements of the application itself.

Performance in all climates

Having an industry-leading thermal management system also relieves the pressure from having to choose li-ion cell chemistry based on safety. An advanced TMS allows you to choose the battery cell that best suits your applications power and energy needs, ensuring top performance in all climates.

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Hibernium® safety concept

Xerotech brings a multilayered approach to battery safety, ensuring our batteries are amongst the safest solutions available on the market today. Thermal propagation prevention and fire suppression are integrated as standard.

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