Passive Propagation Resistance

All Xerotech battery systems utilize Xerotherm passive propagation resistance and thermal runaway prevention technology.

The risk of thermal propagation is virtually eliminated with Xerotech’s proprietary module design by using a specially engineered fire-retardant structural foam. It’s 85% lighter than solutions used by leading electric vehicle manufacturers. The combination of fire-retardant thermally insulating foam and an extremely conductive thermal management system results in a highly-robust and safe battery systems.

Hybrid Thermal Event Suppression

Every module used in Xerotech’s Hibernium® platform batteries is equipped with our proprietary hybrid Thermal Event Suppression system.

Batteries used in mobile applications need to stay safe under all conditions. Collisions, catastrophic crush, external body penetration and other accidents can cause battery cells to undergo thermal runaway. Battery fire is an unacceptable failure mode which is why we equip all our batteries with Passive Propagation Resistance and Suppression systems as standard.

Xerotherm® safety technology is designed to stop even the most violent thermal runaway events within seconds, preventing propagation and extinguishing fires where they occur.

ISO26262 Functional Safety

 The Battery Management System serves as a complete solution for monitoring and control. Xerotech’s BMS is built on a highly configurable platform, allowing it to support a wide variety of architectures, and driving lower cost and a faster time to market when compared to peers.

Standard features include:

  • Voltage and Current monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • High Voltage isolation monitoring
  • Cell balancing
  • Short circuit protection
  • High-Voltage interlock
  • Crash detection
  • Moisture monitoring
  • Leak detection
  • Contactor control
  • Functional Safety up to ASIL-C
  • Diagnostics (CAN)

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