Hibernium® safety concept

Xerotech brings a multilayered approach to battery safety, ensuring our batteries are amongst the safest solutions available on the market today. Thermal propagation prevention and fire suppression are integrated as standard.

Cell level safety

Cylindrical cells do not require external support structures to operate safely. The cell enclosure itself acts as a mechanical support structure and the first safety barrier, making this cell type one of the safest available.

Even in a catastrophic event, our Hibernium batteries are designed to stop the uncontrolled energy release and prevent propagation. Each cell contains only 10 to 18 Wh of electrical energy, making it one of the safest cell formats.

The Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) device protects the cells under external short conditions. The PTC is reversible and returns to high conductivity when the temperature normalizes.

The Current Interrupt Device (CID) is a fuse-type device that cuts off the electrical circuit permanently when triggered by excessive cell pressure, high temperature, or high voltage, depending on design

All our cells have undergone extensive testing and validation in Xerotech’s laboratories. From performance, through cycle to destructive testing, we make sure our cell have no secrets.

Module safety

Thanks to the wirebonding technique, each of the cells used in our Hibernium packs is individually fused, providing cell level short circuit protection.

All lithium-ion chemistries require a precise Thermal Management System (TMS) to prevent thermal runaway events, extend life and improve performance. Hibernium battery modules employ active liquid TMS, keeping each of the cells within safe operating limits.

Every battery cell is fully encapsulated in fire-retardant foam, insulating cells from each other. In the event of a single or multi-cell thermal runaway, the foam prevents propagation of the failure throughout the module and the pack.

Hibernium battery modules feature market’s only fire suppression system that does not require active monitoring systems. It is designed as an always-on quick acting system that extinguishes fire in-situ, on a cell level. Battery cell thermal events are suppressed within seconds.

Busbars within modules are designed to disconnect cells in an event of a crash or severe impact to the pack, mechanically isolating the energy to small units and minimizing the uncontrolled voltage of a comprised battery structure.

Pack safety

Hibernium battery packs feature highest ingress protection rating of IP6K9K.

Mechanical structure and mounting features are designed to withstand the harshest of off-road and industrial applications.

3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope functions are provided in the Xerotech BMS electronics to aid in crash / sudden impact detection.

Hibernium battery packs utilize two HV interlock loops. One for the battery enclosure integrirty, to prevent accidental activation. Second for the vehicle HV system integrity, to minimize the risk of exposed energized terminals.

To ensure electrical safety and reliability in electric vehicles equipped with a high-voltage battery pack, an insulation monitoring circuit is indispensable to continuously monitor the insulation resistance during charging or driving.

In the event of over or undervoltage, the battery will cut off the power supply instantaneously, to protect the battery and electrical equipment from damage.

In the event of over-current, the battery will cut off the power supply instantaneously, to protect the battery and electrical equipment from damage.

The MSD presents a disconnect for internal high voltage battery packs without the need for specialist tools, while protecting the battery from short circuit.

We integrate multiple pressure sensors to monitor the coolant system inlet and outlet pressure.

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