Nexus BMS

All Hibernium® battery systems feature our Nexus battery management system (BMS) which performs all supervisory control actions within the battery pack and communicates with your external system VCU. 



Our cutting-edge technology ensures optimal performance, longevity, and safety of your battery systems in demanding environments. Harnessing advanced features tailored specifically for off-road machinery, our BMS guarantees efficient power management, heightened reliability, and seamless integration, empowering your equipment to operate at peak efficiency while maximizing durability.

Monitoring for over-voltage and under-voltage takes place at cell, pack, and link levels, while temperature monitoring occurs at module level. The Nexus BMS can operate to a maximum of 1,000V and 500A current.

Our BMS includes an integrated battery disconnect unit (BDU) with precharge and main power contactors making the battery system turn-key and ready for direct system integration.

BMS Functionality

Individual cell voltages are monitored by dedicated Slave BMS circuits located on each module. Overall pack and link voltage is also measured within the BDU by the Master BMS.

Pack current is measured through a Primary shunt and a Secondary smart shunt for redundancy. Currents up to 1000A can be monitored by the BMS.

Multiple cell temperature monitoring in each individual battery module.

To ensure electrical safety and reliability in electric vehicles equipped with a high-voltage battery pack, an insulation monitoring circuit is indispensable to continuously monitor the insulation resistance during charging or driving.

A constant current High Voltage Interlock (HVIL) circuit provides a mechanism to detect whether all High Voltage connections are present.

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Electrical Specification

Parameter Value
Amphenol HVSL1000023a150
Max Continuous Current
500 A
Max Voltage
1,000 V
IP Rating

1: 3 pin connector as a default for maximum current handling unless 2 pin requested


Connection Connection Type
LV communication
TE 776163-5
Manual Service Disconnect
Amphenol PCD MSDXLM630
HV Contactors
HV Contactors
500 A
Max Continuous Current
300 A
Max Making Current
100 A
Connection Connection Type
Precharge Contactor
Panasonic HEV2aN-P-DC12V
Precharge Resistor Value¹
1kOhm/100 Ohm
Precharge Condition
97% Link Voltage within 6 seconds
Max DC Link Capacitance
3,900 uF

1: 1kOhm is default value unless requested

BMS Specification

Master BMS
Isolation Monitoring
500Ω/V (Minimum 500kΩ)
Internal Datalogging
32GB SD Card
Crash Detection Method
+/- 32g (3-axis accelerometer / gyroscope)
Humidity Sensing
10% to 90% RH
Overvoltage Monitoring
Cell, Pack and Link
Undervoltage Monitoring
Cell, Pack and Link
Overtemperature Monitoring
Module level
Undertemperature Monitoring
Module Level
Overcurrent Monitoring
Pack Primary and Secondary current shunts
20 mA Current Source / Sink
Power Supply
Number of Slave BMS supported
Number of cells in series for total system
Range of high voltage measurement
0 - 1,000VDC
Accuracy of high voltage measurement
Primary Current Shunt Current Range
± 800 A
Accuracy of Primary Current Sense
Secondary Current Shunt Range
± 1,000 A
Accuracy of Secondary Current Shunt Range
Standby Consumption
<0.02 W
Active Consumption
<35 W Nominal, <120 W Peak
Communication interface, master-slave
Differential pair daisy chain
Supported CAN communication type
CAN J1939
Supported CAN speeds¹
250, 500 kbps
Number of CAN ports:
3, internal, telematics,VCU

1: 500 kbps as standard

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