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Hibernium® battery systems

Introducing Hibernium®

Hibernium® is our off-the-shelf pre-engineered battery pack platform that requires no NRE and can be ordered in volumes as low as a single unit. Leadtimes for prototypes can be as little as several weeks for standard catalogue packs. 

With Hibernium® you can choose your desired energy content, operating voltage range, physical dimensions, and even battery cell chemistry. There are no non-recurring design or engineering costs even for one-off prototyping projects. Added to this is our multi-pack functionality, allowing up to 40 packs to work together in one system, providing an astonishing up to 12 MWh of energy in a single system.

Explore our battery catalogue and choose from hundreds of different potential standard configurations varying in voltage, capacity and physical dimension.

A battery system that meets your needs

Xerotech’s Hibernium® battery platform is built on a modular platform, allowing for high flexibility and economies of scale. You can leverage the volume efficiencies of an entire common platform shared across multiple customers and industries even when buying just a single pack. 

All packs are built with scalable modules, Xerotherm® liquid thermal management, passive propagation resistant technology, and our Nexus battery management system.

Battery Cells

Xerotech’s packs and modules are chemistry agnostic, which means we can use NMC, LFP and NCA. Standardizing on the 2170 cylindrical battery format allows us to choose the best chemistry for each application


Passive Propagation Resistance and Fire Suppression included as a standard.

Liquid Thermal Management

Xerotherm™ technology keeps the battery pack at the optimum temperature at all times.

Battery Management System

Designed to comply with automotive standards, ISO 26262 (up to ASIL-C). Hardware and software developed in-house


From 5 to 300 kWh
per pack

Plus up to 12 MWh
in a multipack system.


70 to 1,000V
In 30V increments according to your requirements.


Up to 30 MW
Super fast
charging up to
3.75 MW with MCS.


Energy, Power, Durability
of chemistry
for your application

Cycle Life

Depending on DoD, temperature, and other factors.


The adaptability of our battery platforms extends to multipack capabilities, where up to 40 packs can work in parallel.

This ability to provide an astounding maximum of 12 MWh of energy in a single system ensures that OEMs and machine handlers operating the largest applications can reap the benefits of electrification.

If the application has width or length constraints, instead of one large pack, multiple smaller packs can be stacked together. This way, the necessary power and energy are delivered while making the most of the available space. Similarly, megawatt-hour class systems can be achieved through multipack architectures. 

Packs can be stacked in parallel to increase overall capacity, voltage, and operating duration, ensuring no industry is left behind in the electrification journey.

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