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“The machine that builds the machine is often more important than the machine itself” and this is most true when it comes to innovating and improving new technology. The amount of learning that you get from building the equipment that builds your product gives huge insight into how you should change and improve the product itself. This is imperative in building the best battery systems in the world and ensuring they remain the best in class.

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Our manufacturing engineering department plays an important step in our vertical integration, working alongside other in-house departments such as Toolmaking and Injection Moulding, Prototyping and Assembly Lines, Electrical, Environmental, Safety and Lifecycle and Battery Test Labs and more.

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About Xerotech

Xerotech is a battery technology company that is solving one of the greatest challenges of our generation, industrial electrification. Our talented team is making an impact on a global scale, driven by a shared vision of a fully electric future.

Our Hibernium® battery pack platform is a battery pack platform that adapts to the bespoke needs of your vehicle or application. With Hibernium® you can choose your desired or preferred energy content, operating voltage range, physical dimensions, and even battery cell chemistry. There are no design or engineering costs even for one-off prototyping projects making this solution one of the only viable options for low volume, high diversity projects.

The electrification of heavy-duty machinery is now available to every OEM and Integrator.

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