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With vehicle electrification quickly gathering pace in the on-highway market, the off-highway one is also developing rapidly. One such case is a prototype Toyota Landcruiser that has been electrified via collective efforts from QME, Motics, and Xerotech.

QME is a mining and tunnelling services company based in Ireland with offices in France, Canada, and Australia. Among the solutions offered, QME provides vehicle and machine rebuilds, including vehicle electrification, which is how the process began.

While QME does have experience in retrofitting electric batteries onto vehicles, they opted to leverage the expertise of Motics. An engineering team operating out of Brunnen, Switzerland, Motics provides end-to-end solutions for electrification needs, and having already worked with Xerotech in the past, the three companies came together for this project.

Refining the system

QME’s previous electrification work allowed them to ship the vehicle as a running prototype to Motics in Switzerland. On-site, the Motics engineering team refined the software and integration of Xerotech’s 72KWh, 346V Hibernium® battery. Regarding the project, Motics battery and drive system engineer Christian Vögtli said, “The main task was to have a modular drive system that would incorporate the motor, inverter, cooling systems, and charger, all on one piece.”

He explained that since safety and space are so critical in mining and tunnelling operations, it was essential to have a battery that epitomizes safety and performance in everyday use. The scalability Hibernium® permits is also attractive, as it satisfies the highly diverse demands typically placed by off-highway applications. Vögtli added that following the successful tests, “I’m really looking forward to going into series production for this jeep; I think we are there.”

“The kit will outlast the vehicle and should easily be able to power two, maybe even three vehicles.”

– Paddy Galligan, Workshop Manager for QME

Advantages of going electric

Paddy Galligan, Workshop Manager for QME, outlined the advantages of going electric, especially in a mining context. “The beauty with electric is you get instant power as soon as your foot touches the pedal,” and “down ramps, there’s no braking because it’s [the vehicle] holding itself back.” Going electric means far less wear on braking systems, but there’s more, too.

A battery electric system, Galligan states, “means saving money in the long run, because you’re not pouring in diesel, the mine is using less energy, you’re not changing oil filters, engine oils, starters, alternators, fan belts – your service is basically halved.” In fact, a fully electric mine can use up to 70% less energy, while even electrifying one truck could contribute massively towards reduced emissions.

Additionally, lithium-ion batteries are more than capable of outliving the applications they power for the first time. Galligan explains, “The kit will outlast the vehicle and should easily be able to power two, maybe even three vehicles.” So, an electric vehicle costs less in the long run compared to combustion engines, and the same battery can be used on other vehicles, saving companies further costs.

The project perfectly displays how a mining equipment company, a systems integrator, and a battery manufacturing company can pool their resources together and come up with a solution. In conclusion, Galligan says, “Between the three companies, we think we have the perfect package to offer the electrification of the equipment we’re building.

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