Xerotech to present their newest generation of battery systems at Battery Show Europe

Xerotech will present its second generation Hibernium® battery system at the Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, 27th – 30th of June. Designed with low-volume, high-diversity vehicle OEMs in mind, this market-first battery platform enables the electrification of niche industries and small to mid-sized OEMs.

This second generation of Hibernium® offers increased energy and power density, while keeping the same configurability, performance and safety that made the first generation a huge success.

“With Hibernium®, you can focus on building the best product for your customers, while we take care of the battery system. You tell us your use case and we deliver battery configured to your bespoke needs. No design or engineering charges, no one-off surcharges or project related costs. Buying a Hibernium® battery is as easy as getting an ice-cream” said Thomas Tomaszewski, VP of Business Development at Xerotech.

Xerotech’s Hibernium® platform enables the new wave of industrial electrification.

Booth 8-A20, Battery Show Europe, Messe Stuttgart, 28th – 30th June 2022


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