Tech Tuesday #7 – Active Thermal Management

In the seventh installment of our Tech Tuesday Series we take a bitesized look at what goes into the technology behind our battery tech, starting with the second of our safety features at the module level.

Module Safety – Active Thermal Management

Active Thermal Management means cooling or heating the battery to regulate the temperature of the individual battery cells. This is important because extreme temperatures can damage the batteries or decrease their performance. The typical thermal management system of a battery pack uses methods such as forced air cooling, liquid cold plate, liquid side-wall, liquid immersion to introduce or dissipate heat. By keeping the batteries within a safe operating temperature range, active thermal management helps to extend the life and improve the performance of the battery pack.

Our Hibernium® battery packs employ an liquid side-wall Thermal Management System, keeping each of the cells within safe operating limits. This has been engineered specifically to prevent thermal runaway events, extend battery life and improve overall battery performance.

As we shift towards an all-electric future, it is battery safety technology like this that is making electrification a reality, not just for the mass vehicle market, but for more diverse marketings such as mining, construction, aviation and agriculture too.

Tech Tuesdays Series

At Xerotech, we take battery safety very seriously. As a trusted supplier of battery technology to a wide variety of heavy industry, we believe in an ethos where batteries and battery technology should never pose a risk to people, even under the most extreme of conditions. Because of this we conduct a rigorous set of in-house tests and incorporate many different features that build in high levels of battery safety as standard. These tests are designed to push the boundaries far beyond what could be expected, even in the most demanding of conditions. It is as a direct result of this that we have developed one of the safest batteries in the world today.

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Xerotech is a battery technology company that is solving one of the greatest challenges of our generation, industrial electrification. Our talented team is making an impact on a global scale, driven by a shared vision of a fully electric future.

Our Hibernium® battery pack platform is a battery pack platform that adapts to the bespoke needs of your vehicle or application. With Hibernium® you can choose your desired or preferred energy content, operating voltage range, physical dimensions, and even battery cell chemistry. There are no design or engineering costs even for one-off prototyping projects making this solution one of the only viable options for low volume, high diversity projects.

The electrification of heavy-duty machinery is now available to every OEM and Integrator.

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