Xerotech Shortlisted at 2024 Business and Finance ESG Awards

Xerotech is proud to have been shortlisted for a Business and Finance Award for the second year running, this time for the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Innovation Award.

Intended to honor ground-breaking projects and initiatives that advance ESG practices, Xerotech’s Hibernium® battery platform is designed to electrify industries that have historically relied on combustion engines.

Furthermore, Hibernium’s scalability and configurability levels make it a unique product that can enable electrification in a matter of weeks or a few months, unlocking all the benefits of electrification.

No matter the outcome, everyone at Xerotech is honored to be shortlisted and recognized among other industry leaders as we strive to achieve a more sustainable future.

Business and Finance ESG Awards 2024 Finalist Badge.
Xerotech have been shortlisted in the Innovation Award Category

About Xerotech

Xerotech is an award-winning battery technology company solving one of our generation’s most significant challenges: industrial electrification.

Driven by a shared vision of a fully electric future, our talented team is making an impact on a global scale as Xerotech provides the first truly credible path to zero emissions and enables the electrification of machines that were previously too low-volume to be economically electrified.

Our Hibernium® battery pack platform adapts to the bespoke needs of your vehicle or application. With Hibernium®, you can choose your desired or preferred energy content, operating voltage range, physical dimensions, and even battery cell chemistry.

There are no design or engineering costs, even for one-off prototyping projects, making this solution one of the only viable options for low-volume, high-diversity projects.

The electrification of heavy-duty machinery is now available to every OEM and Integrator.

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