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Energy efficiency is increased by:

  • Up to 30% reduction in ventilation TCO
  • Cooling uses less energy
  • Vehicles can achieve up to 2x ramp speeds
  • Load times are 25% faster
  • 60% faster acceleration


Electrifying mining machinery has a significant role in combating climate change.

  • Reduces GHG emissions
  • Reduces fossil fuel use
  • Increases energy efficiency


Electrification benefits the workers by:

  • Eliminating diesel particulates
  • Underground heat reduction
  • Noise reduction

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EV Fire Myths

Free from fumes, nearly silent and easy to maintain, electric vehicles have much to offer the off-highway sector. Their zero exhaust emissions make them particularly attractive to those in the mining and tunneling sectors, reducing the workload placed on ventilation systems, while their lack of vibration and noise further their exceptional occupational health benefits.

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