Xerotech battery systems for maritime applications

Xerotech battery systems are perfectly suited to maritime energy storage applications. Our batteries enable to you operate clean, reliable and safe vessels. Whether in full-electric or hybrid configuration, the fuel savings and silent operation benefits can no longer be ignored. Future-proof your design against emission-controls and environmental regulations with a Xerotech battery system. 

Key features

Efficient and clean

Our batteries provide significant reductions in emissions, noise and fuel consumption when used in standalone or hybrid configurations.


Our flexible battery platform means that our standard packs can be scaled up to megawatt-class installations to meet any energy requirement.

Long lifetime

Precision temperature control significantly extends the useful lifetime of Xerotech battery systems compared to competing technologies.

Reliable and durable

Advanced engineering means that you can rely on our battery systems for mission-critical power even with when faced with extreme vibration, shock, ship roll and pitch.


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