Integrated Battery Systems

What is an Integrated Battery system?

Xerotech’s integrated battery systems are the world’s first and only off-the-shelf, scalable energy storage, management and delivery platform. Our advanced technology is enabling the next wave of battery-electric mobile vehicles and equipment. Xerotech’s integrated systems offer turn-key solution of:

  • Battery pack
  • On-board charger
  • DC/DC converter
  • Complete liquid thermal system

We handle charging, thermal control, battery management and safety. All that’s left to you is to connect inverters and motors.

Learn more about key benefits, explore subsystems and get latest technical documentation below. 

Thermal Systems
Battery Systems
Power Systems

Turn-key solution

You can buy a complete diesel engine power system off-the-shelf today to power your application. Why can’t you do the same with a battery system? Why does it have to be a complex and costly exercise with huge non-recurring engineering, tooling and development costs? 

Now it doesn’t have to. Our engineers have done all of the heavy lifting to fully integrate the charger, thermal management and core battery system into a single package, offering world’s first off-the-shelf integrated battery system. For you and your customers, this translates to:

  • Cost & time savings – no upfront design, engineering or test costs. Our systems are ready to go.
  • Eliminated CAPEX – no project specific equipment or tooling. We spread costs over common-platform customers.
  • Reliability – our common platform is tested and proven by industry leaders.
  • Safety – we have engineered for automotive grade functional safety.
  • Improved R&D efficiency – focus your efforts on core business activities with no sacrifices.
  • Reduced complexity – including the charger and thermal system massively reduces integration time and complexity.

With Xerotech, electrifying your vehicle fleet has never been easier. Our turn-key integrated battery system allows you to focus on what matters most – creating great machines for your customers.

Battery systems

Wide range of thermally managed, ultra-safe battery systems built on a common scalable platform. This means the same controls, software and technology across your full vehicle range.

Power systems

Best-in-class onboard chargers (OBCs) and DC-DC converters that are already integrated with the battery. Our power systems work out-of-the-box, are cheaper and extensively tested. 

Thermal systems

We offer a turn-key liquid cooling systems which are pre-integrated with the battery. All is left to you, is to provide an external radiator.

Simplifying electrification

Reducing cost

Engineering and tooling costs often represent a bigger commercial barrier than the cost of the actual battery in electrification projects.. 

With Xerotech, you get:

We offer off-the-shelf solutions based on a common platform. The battery is already designed and available in a wide range of sizes and shapes – you can choose which one fits best.

We offer pre-integrated thermal and power systems with our batteries. There are minimal or no engineering chargers for interfacing auxiliaries with the battery pack.

All tooling costs are shared across the entire platform which massively reduces the individual costs per customer.

Increasing performance

Our thermal management system is a game-changer. We are lighter, safer, more powerful and more energy dense than our competitors. 

We offer you:

We can use any 2170 cylindrical power cell on the market and push it significantly beyond its datasheet due to high performance thermal control. 

Significantly improved packing density compared to the current state-of-the-art in side wall cooling enables significant improvements in both gravimetric and volumetric energy density.

Ultra-fast charging is now possible as all thermal limitations can be overcome during even the most aggressive and sustained charging profiles.

Accelerating time-to-market

Our off-the-shelf battery system significantly reduces design, testing and validation processes. We take care of the complete project, from specification to delivery.

By choosing Xerotech you get:

We offer market leading battery pack systems based on standard 2170 cells with leading thermal management and passive propagation resistance technology. 

We eliminate the hassle and difficulty of sourcing and integrating high performance battery chargers. Our solutions are pre-integrated with the battery making it cheaper and faster to get to market. 

Thermal systems are often overlooked and a source of project delays and unmet customer expectations around thermal performance of the battery. We have eliminated this barrier by providing pre-integrated thermal systems.

Off-the-shelf platform

Our solution is a critical enablers for low-volume high-mix projects. Not every company has the time, resources or capability to undertake a clean-sheet battery engineering project.

Sticking to a common platform is safer, cheaper and faster.

Offering Simplicity

We try to eliminate as much of the complexity as possible for the customer by offering complete solutions. 

Xerotech’s integrated systems are the closest to a full “black box” solution for advanced battery systems on the market today.

Enabling compliance

Xerotech batteries are thermally managed, ultra safe, automotive-grade technology designed to comply with:

  • ECE R100
  • UN 38.3
  • ASIL C/D
  • ISO 26262

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