Among the most flexible and configurable systems in the market today, thanks to ASIL-C functional safety, wireless telemetry and diagnostics, OTA updates and automatic crash detection as standard.


in 5kWh increments according to your requirements

In 30V increments according to your requirements.

Fast Charging up to 350kW

Cell agnostic design with choice of chemistry for your application

BMS Functionality

Individual cell voltages are monitored by dedicated Slave BMS circuits located on each module. Overall pack and link voltage is also measured within the BDU by the Master BMS.

Pack current is measured through a Primary shunt and a Secondary smart shunt for redundancy. Currents up to 1000A can be monitored by the BMS.

Multiple cell temperature monitoring in each individual battery module.

To ensure electrical safety and reliability in electric vehicles equipped with a high-voltage battery pack, an insulation monitoring circuit is indispensable to continuously monitor the insulation resistance during charging or driving.

A constant current High Voltage Interlock (HVIL) circuit provides a mechanism to detect whether all High Voltage connections are present.

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The risk of thermal propagation is virtually eliminated with Xerotech’s proprietary module design by using a specially engineered fire-retardant structural foam. It’s 85% lighter than solutions used by leading electric vehicle manufacturers. The combination of fire-retardant thermally insulating foam and an extremely conductive thermal management system results in a highly-robust and safe battery systems.

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