This documentation provides information on the Hibernium® Battery Pack product line.

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Before installing and powering up the battery pack, you should familiarize yourself with the commissioning section to ensure safe operation upon start-up.

If you’re storing the battery pack in the packaging for the long-term prior to installation, make sure to consult the storage instructions.

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Battery Pack Details

Ratings for Assembly
Rated voltage (Un)1,000 V
Rated operational voltage (Ue)See pack label
Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp)4,000 V
Rated insulation voltage (Ui)1,000 V
Rated current of the assembly (InA)See pack label
Rated peak withstand current (Ipk)500 A
Rated conditional short-circuit current (Icc)9 kA, duration 0.01 s
Rated frequency (fn)DC
Pack-Level Certification

Hibernium® pack battery enclosures are not ATEX rated.

If the pack is intended for use in an environment where there is Equipment for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX), the customer is responsible for the integration of the battery pack into a suitably rated ATEX enclosure.

Battery Pack Identification Number

Each Hibernium® Battery Pack type has a Product ID number that indicates the product type and configuration. The format of the Product ID No. and description of each term within it are provided in figure below.

Product Platform

HB – Hibernium


EN – packs with high energy density

PO – packs with high power density

LF – packs with high cycle life

ST – packs with standard performance


Nominal energy content is expressed in kWh.


Nominal voltage is expressed in V.

Module Length

Module length is represented by a number between 12 and 42 in increments of 6, indicating the length type of the module used inside a pack of this configuration.

Module Quantity

Module quantity is represented by a number between 1 and 24, indicating the quantity of modules inside a single pack of this configuration.

Module Configuration

The module busbar configuration used in a pack is either 8S or 16S.

Parallel Configuration

For systems comprised of more than one pack, the number between 1 and 20 indicates the parallel pack quantity.

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