Why Electrify?

Eliminate Emissions

  • Air quality improvement
  • Noise reduction
  • Improved comfort and safety for operators

The Future of construction

  • Increasing emission regulations drive demand for increased energy efficiency
  • Lower operating costs


  • Carbon-free operation
  • Corporate & social responsibility
  • Strengthen license to operate

Why Xerotech?

Hibernium® is a battery pack platform, that adapts to the bespoke needs of your vehicle or application.

With Hibernium® you can choose your desired/preferred energy content, operating voltage range, physical dimensions, and even battery cell chemistry. There are no design or engineering costs even for one-off prototyping projects. The electrification of heavy-duty machinery is now available to every OEM and Integrator.

with one highly
configurable module

xerotech can create a
variety of unique packs

to serve a wide range of
growing end markets


20–300 kWh
In 5kWh increments according
to your requirements.


In 30V increments according
to your requirements.


Up to 1MW
Fast charging up to 350kW.


Thermal propagation prevention and fire suppression as standard.


Extreme performance enabled by
active liquid thermal management
technology Xerotherm™

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