why Electrify?

Eliminate Emissions

  • Air quality improvement
  • Noise reduction
  • Improved comfort and safety for operators

The Future of construction

  • Increasing emission regulations drive demand for increased energy efficiency
  • Lower operating costs


  • Carbon-free operation
  • Corporate & social responsibility
  • Strengthen license to operate

about xerotech

Xerotech is offering an off-the-shelf platform approach to electrification in the construction industry by building a battery system on a modular platform. 

With cell agnostic design and six variants of modules, Xerotech can offer hundreds of pack configurations using the same manufacturing lines, processes and tooling. This enables complete fleet electrification with one battery pack platform scalable from 15kWh to 250kWh in increments of 2kWh. An important aspect of the common platform is that all the components are shared, which generates economies of scale and cost efficiencies for the low volume, construction vehicle market.

with one highly
configurable module

xerotech can create a
variety of unique packs

to serve a wide range of
growing end markets

our competitive advantage


  • Scalable from 15kWh to 250kWh in increments of 2kWh
  • Standard cell formats enable updated packs, with the newest and most effective cell chemistries


  • Up to 350kW DC Fast charge 
  • >3:1 peak charge-to-energy ratio
  • >3:1 peak regenerative braking-to-energy ratio
  • Up to 10:1 power-to-energy ratios
  • Power levels> 1 MW possible


  • Proprietary Passive Propagation Resistance (PPR) Technology
  • Rugged design for harsh conditions
  • Zero emissions and reduced noise levels
  • Fire risk elimination

Cost Effective

  • Shared common components enable increased economies of scale.
  • No NRE costs

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