Markets / Construction

Benefits of construction


  • Reduction in particulate emissions allows the equipment to be used inside buildings, for inner-city work sites and in other noise-sensitive areas.
  • Long-term cost savings for equipment owners providing a 50% increase in fuel efficiency. Up to approximately 20% lower TCO compared with traditional ICE equipment.
  • A large-scale shift toward electric equipment could yield more than $30 billion combined annual savings for operators (assuming full adoption in ~20% of applications).
  • Reduction in routine maintenance.
  • Improved manoeuvrability and drivability, with instant torque and independent wheel control.
  • Beyond equipment, new service-type opportunities could arise in areas such as battery-as-a-service solutions, peak-balancing services, and connected services around energy optimisation.


Electrifying construction equipment has
a significant role in combating climate change.

• Reduces GHG emissions
• Reduces fossil fuel use
• Increases energy efficiency


Electrification benefits the workers by:

• Eliminating diesel particulates
• Heat reduction
• Noise reduction

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