Powered by choice

Leverage the cutting-edge adaptability our platform offers, giving users the choice of three key parameters: size, voltage, and chemistry. Pulling all that together to form a fourth dimension is our multipack ability.

Power for all applications

5- 0 kWh
in 5kWh increments
70- 0 V
in 30V increments
0 MW
Super fast charging
up to 3.7MW with MCS

Thousands of sizes ready to integrate.

Pre-engineered to electrify or hybridize your application, each battery comes with our industry-leading technology, no matter your application’s size or spatial limitations. Whether for prototypes, single vehicles, or entire fleets, Hibernium® is designed to adapt to your specifications.

Choice of cell chemistry
to suit your needs

Our cell agnostic design means we prime your battery with the chemistry that best suits your application. Choose from Ener, Power, and Dura Core modules to optimize for energy, power, and durability respectively.

Visit our dedicated Hibernium® Core page to learn more about how each type performs.

Multipacks for
multiple solutions

Don’t let space limit your power output. By linking multiple smaller Hibernium® packs in series or parallel, you can achieve the same power and energy as a larger pack, but in a different form factor, ensuring optimal spatial use. Alternatively, if space is of less concern like in larger vehicles and machines, up to 40 packs can be configured to work in parallel, delivering a remarkable maximum 12 MWh of energy within one a single system.

Discover more about
our technology

The risk of thermal propagation is virtually eliminated with Xerotech’s proprietary module design by using a specially engineered fire-retardant structural foam. It’s 85% lighter than solutions used by leading electric vehicle manufacturers. The combination of fire-retardant thermally insulating foam and an extremely conductive thermal management system results in a highly-robust and safe battery systems.

Start your journey towards electrification

Join us in reducing carbon footprints and driving progress towards a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

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Latest News

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