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Next-generation battery packs

An order of magnitude improvement in safety and performance over the current state-of-the-art battery systems.

Our advanced technology is enabling the next wave of battery-electric mobile equipment.

More energy and power

Market-leading power and energy density coupled with proprietary thermal management. Xerotech’s battery systems deliver faster charging, longer lifetimes and higher sustained power.

Best in class safety

Thermal runaway prevention and fire suppression features are built-in directly to all Xerotech’s battery systems.

Our battery packs meet the highest safety standards in all environments.

High performance in all environments

Our proprietary Xerotherm® thermal management technology keeps your battery pack at the optimum operating temperature at all times. You benefit through higher sustained power, faster charging and longer lifetime.

High system flexibility

Xerotech’s battery systems are developed on a common platform with a modular design. We can fulfil a complete range of power, energy, and space requirements.

Shared components enable economies of scale typically only available to high-volume market segments.

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