Battery Systems

What is a battery system?

The battery system is the core of your new electric vehicle that powers everything. It consists of battery modules, battery management system, battery disconnect unit and overall pack housing. 

Xerotech’s battery systems are built on a modular platform, allowing for high flexibility and economies of scale. All of our packs are built with:

  • Battery cells of a 21700 format
  • Scalable modules
  • Xerotherm™ liquid thermal management
  • Passive Propagation Resistant technology
  • Battery Management System

Key features

More energy and power

Market-leading power and energy density coupled with proprietary thermal management. Xerotech’s battery systems deliver faster charging, longer lifetimes and higher sustained power.

Best-in-class safety

All Xerotech battery systems utilize our proprietary Xerotherm® Passive Propagation Resistance and thermal runaway prevention technology.

Thermal management

Our proprietary Xerotherm® thermal management technology keeps your battery pack at the optimum operating temperature at all times.


Xerotech’s standard off-the-shelf packs are available in regular size increments from 10 kWh to 130 kWh enabling you to choose the optimum size for your application.


Fixed standard modules enable significant cost reductions through shared platform tooling amortization. Sharing engineering design and testing costs over many customers significantly reduces costs and non-recurring engineering.

Configuration flexibility

Various form-factor configurations are available using our modular platform. Very limited engineering and design costs are necessary for external packaging. 


Safety-first design

In the highly unlikely event of an internal cell failure, foam potting will contain the heat to a single cell and prevent neighbouring cells from reaching thermal runaway. Natural thermal insulation by the foam shields the battery cells from potentially harsh temperatures outside of the pack during normal operation.

Xerotech’s safety first design is an enabling technology for applications where uncontrolled thermal runaway represents a major risk to infrastructure beyond just the vehicle and passenger.

Passive Propagation Resistance

The risk of thermal propagation is virtually eliminated with Xerotech’s proprietary module design by using a specially engineered fire-retardant structural foam. It’s 85% lighter than solutions used by leading electric vehicle manufacturers that are household names. 

Failure suppression

The combination of fire-retardant thermally insulating foam and an extremely conductive thermal management system results in a highly-robust and safe battery system.


Thermal management reimagined

Xerotech’s patented integrated thermal management-passive propagation resistance technology represents a complete step-change battery module design. 

Our inflatable ultra-thin polymer duct has been nano-engineered for exceptionally high thermal conductivity while also being incredibly thin – an essential element for low thermal resistance. 

The polymer duct is completely supported by the foam matrix, making it impossible to burst or be punctured. Our solution offers 17 times higher heat transfer than conventional side-wall cooling technology.

advanced thermal management

The risk of thermal propagation is virtually eliminated with Xerotech’s proprietary module design by using a specially engineered fire-retardant structural foam. It’s 85% lighter than solutions used by leading electric vehicle manufacturers that are household names.

FLUID-FLOW optimization

Direct interconnection of modules and optimized parallel flow paths enable significantly increased flowrates resulting in lower cross-pack thermal gradients and differential aging of the battery. 


Flexible to the core

The basic building block of every Xerotech battery is a standard 21700 cylindrical battery cell. Standard cell formats enable us to update our packs with the newest and most effective cell chemistries from high-quality cell manufacturers without costly redesigns. Swapping cells enables us to rapidly optimize for different application profiles – for example a hypercar needs a very different cell to an industrial machine. 

Module scalability

The heart of platform scalability is the module. Xerotech modules come in a fixed range of sizes that vary in length. Sharing common components within the module family enables massively reduced tooling costs and increased economies of scale. 

Module stacking

Our modules can be stacked allowing direct liquid interconnection and bus bar connection. This eliminates virtually all wiring and plumbing harnesses within the pack. Conventional plumbing and harness configurations are also possible for skateboard and irregular designs.

Pack scalability

Our battery packs are available in a wide range of capacities from 10 kWh to 130 kWh with regular size increments.

Pack stacking

Packs can be stacked to achieve very high capacities beyond the common platform while still leveraging economies of scale.


Skateboards,  regular blocks, transmission tunnel and many more configurations can be achieved from standard modules. 

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