Xerotech battery systems for aviation

The great electrification disruption has finally reached the aviation market. Our advanced battery solutions can help you eliminate carbon emissions, improve air quality and reduce noise emissions. Our advanced thermal management and safety systems give you maximum performance and peace of mind, whether on the ground or above the clouds. 


Key features


Powerful thermal management enables high sustained discharge rates whether during taxiing or take-off allowing you to get you airborne.


Multiple levels of engineering safety and ruggedness ensure that mission-critical power never goes down. At 35,000 feet – failure is not an option.


Xerotech batteries have the lightest passive safety technology of any solution available today with an 85% weight reduction compared to competing thermal propagation prevention technologies.


Thermal runaway prevention and fire suppression features built in directly to all Xerotech’s battery systems. Our battery packs meet highest safety standards in all environments.


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