why Electrify?

Reduce Emissions

  • Produce fewer emissions 
  • Helps improve air quality

The Future

  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved energy efficiency


  • Carbon-free operation
  • Corporate & social responsibility


Xerotech is offering an off-the-shelf platform approach to electrification by building a battery system on a modular platform. 

With cell agnostic design and six variants of modules, Xerotech can offer hundreds of pack configurations using the same manufacturing lines, processes and tooling. This enables complete fleet electrification with one battery pack platform scalable from 15kWh to 250kWh in increments of 2kWh. An important aspect of the common platform is that all the components are shared, which generates economies of scale and cost efficiencies for the low volume, market.

with one highly
configurable module

xerotech can create a
variety of unique packs

to serve a wide range of
growing end markets

our competitive advantage

efficiency and range

Lightweight thermal insulation within the battery significantly reduces the effect of outside temperatures. This reduces parasitic thermal management loads giving you longer range and higher efficiency. 


Thermal runaway prevention and fire suppression features are built-in directly to all Xerotech battery systems giving you peace of mind.

long lifetime

Precision temperature control significantly extends the useful lifetime of Xerotech battery systems compared to competing technologies.

fast charging

Powerful thermal management means your products are future-proofed for ultra fast-charging up to 350 kW peak charging rates.

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