What we do

The debate is over – the world is electrifying. The problem is that many important industries are being left behind. Automotive is electrifying but what about “everything else”?

Think about the machines that grow our food, that build our cities and all of those enable our modern society. The companies that manufacture these machines can buy a diesel engine off-the-shelf today but they won’t be allowed to tomorrow. They will need to buy a battery system but it simply isn’t available today – it’s too expensive because of huge custom engineering costs and it’s a massive undertaking to integrate it into their existing products because of high system complexity. Power electronics and batteries may as well be alien technology to companies that have built up decades of mechanical engineering experience.

Automotive vehicles like electric cars exist today because they are high volume products that can sustain huge bespoke tooling and engineering costs, mega-scale battery cell purchasing and venture capital backed business plans. The numbers work when unit volumes are in the hundreds of thousands but fall short with lower volume machines with high diversity factors. An excavator manufacturer might only make a few hundred or few thousand machines of a particular model making it very hard to justify spending millions on custom tooling, R&D programs and production lines. 

Xerotech are solving this problem by offering an off-the-shelf platform approach to battery systems. We are combining many smaller manufacturers into one large customer block with our scalable battery system based off many common parts. In simple terms, we’re able to make the numbers work for the smaller unit volumes. We’re bringing automotive volume efficiency to the non-automotive markets. 



To enable the electrification of low-volume high-diversity mobile equipment through a common-platform, scalable battery system.


A fully electric future.


In-house engineering

Xerotech develops all battery technology in-house and has a very strong culture of engineering and testing. We continually add new capabilities and highly skilled individuals to our organisation to make sure that we can do everything in-house.

Doing things in-house means that we can move faster and make changes more easily. We want to be a one-stop-shop for integrated battery systems. 

Owning the design and engineering process is the only sure way to control quality, timelines and cost.

Vertical integration

We don’t just do our engineering in-house – we try to do everything in-house. Conventional wisdom doesn’t work when you’re trying to be the best in the world.

At Xerotech we make decisions that simply would not be allowed in conventional companies. How can we bring moulding in-house without having unit volumes to justify it? Because having the toolmaker, engineer and technician side by side means that the design will be right first time and that we can move 10x faster than our competitors. 

We will have iterated and scrapped half a dozen designs by the time our competition gets their purchase out. This is how we win.

technology leaders

At Xerotech we are continually innovating. We never stop. We want to be the best in the world at what we do and we will never stop investing in people, equipment and processes to make sure that we have the most effective and amazing technology possible.

Being at the forefront of technology means that we enable our customers to change the world. 

The people that work at Xerotech are here because they love engineering and what they do. They are part of something greater and know that they are doing the most important work of their careers.