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Hundreds of sizes,
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Meet the disruptive battery technology that is powering the electrification of everything else. Xerotech’s patented technology, Hibernium®, represents a complete step-change in the safety and performance of battery systems.

Enabling the electrification of everything else

With our Hibernium® battery system platform designed for off-highway vehicle OEMs.

Fully electric future
for every industry

There’s an industrial revolution taking place right now, as off-highway OEMs race to electrify their products. At the heart of it all sits our Hibernium® battery system. Scalable and configurable, we’re driving the toughest industries towards a zero emissions destination.


Hibernium® battery systems

Designed with low-volume, high-diversity vehicle OEMs in mind, this market-first battery platform enables short series and one-off prototyping projects.

The platform allows you to select your preferred configuration of energy content, operating voltage range and even chemistry, without any non-recurring engineering charges. Added to this is our multi-pack functionality, allowing up to 20 packs to work together in one system, providing an astonishing up to 6MWh of energy in a single system.

The electrification of heavy-duty machinery becomes available to every OEM and Integrator.

Disruptive battery technology

Xerotech’s patented technology, Xerotherm®, is a game changer in battery system safety and performance, with a world-leading solution powering our thermal management and safety technology.

Is it crazy to think you can change the world?

We’re doing something here that’s never been done before. That’s why our people bring something special to the team, ensuring we continue reshaping industries for the better.

Start your journey towards electrification

Join us in reducing carbon footprints and driving progress towards a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

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